Ocean Salt Oysters

The American Oyster, Crasostria virginica, is more than a delicious staple on any respectable menu, it’s a key species in one of the most vibrant ecosystems on the planet.

As an intertidal filter feeder, Oysters play a vital role in the health of our salt water marshes and coastal estuaries.  This is why at H.M. Terry Co., Inc. we work hard to ensure that our shellfish harvesting and management procedures not only produce the best oysters in the world, but also have a positive effect on the larger eco-system.

Our Ocean Salt Oysters are grown from only the best Virginia brood stock, and are raised in the pristine waters of the Great Machipongo River on the Seaside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Over 100 years of working with this native oyster population have given us the experience to ensure that you will get the freshest, highest quality oysters every time - Guaranteed.

We have refrigerated shipments to most East Coast cities daily, and can work with any of your shipping partners to have our oysters delivered fresh anywhere in the world.

At this time H.M. Terry Co., Inc. operates solely on a wholesale basis.  In order to maintain quality control, and our sustainable business model we are unable to fulfill private orders at this time.  Please ask your local grocer, seafood shop, or restaurant if you would like to purchase fresh Sewansecott oysters.

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